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Anida is BBVA’s real state agency. Their blog is the center of a content strategy that provides readers with expert opinions, tips, and insider views on housing, urban planning, architecture, decoration, and mortgages.

Turning written content into video to increase engagement.


Content Strategy
& production




My Role

As people were getting more familiar with videos rather than with text-only content, Anida asked us to build a video content strategy to grow their youtube audience and increase traffic to their blog. I was in charge of:

  • Creative Direction

  • Topic’s selection

  • Research 

  • Scriptwriting

  • Production

The Idea

We made up Marta Anida, a fictional youtuber, who would help us bring the content to life. Marta created a new section on her channel to share all the experiences she lived through the process of buying a house. All her learnings could be of great help. And indeed it did: the webserie got thousands of views!

The Episodes


The issue of licensing comes up when discussing a home renovation project. Marta has some tips to share.

Financial Advice

From property taxes to insurances, learn more about the costs you may come across after buying a house.

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