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In 2019 Volkswagen updated its brand design giving a fresh uplift to the core values that have shaped its DNA. Volkswagen’s new attitude is more human, open, inviting, transparent, responsible, and authentic. 

For this project, I was a member of Volkswagen’s Customer Experience Team in DDB.


& UX writing




My role

With a new corporate communication style and a digital-first approach, the new was built and every piece of content from the customer journey was renewed. I was in charge of the second and here are samples of my work in:  

  • Transactional emails

  • Unsubscribes

  • Legal communications

Transactional emails

Digitalization makes customer communications more data-driven. So the challenge is to create transactional emails that sound more human and inviting. How? By making the most of personalization!

Car production flow

Manufacturing a car is a long process that might take up to 10 months. This contact flow keeps buyers informed and connected with their new Volkswagen. 

New version

Apologies for the delay

Everyone makes mistakes, so be transparent about that. Explain what happened, give solutions, and say sorry gracefully.

Care tips during COVID-19

Old version


Measuring customer satisfaction is key to prevent churn and improve service. The new copy draws attention to the questionnaire to increase the response rate.

Customer Satisfaction


Renewing the old, unfriendly form was important to keep consistency within the new web. If you can’t keep your users, at least make the separation as painless as possible. And maybe, steal them one last smile :)

Old version


New version


Legal communications

As the Organic Law on the Protection of Personal Data in Europe changed, we redesigned the informed consent form and the whole process to help users to sign it. My goal was to make it more: 

  • Clear, by explaining the context and avoiding jargon.

  • Concise, by using fewer words but more compelling. 

  • Useful, by reorganizing information to guide the user.  

New version


Old version

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